Why Need A Bookkeeper (Part 2)

Why Need A Bookkeeper (Part 2)

In my last blog I took the opportunity to introduce business people to some of the benefits of having a good bookkeeper for their business. Here are some more benefits:

Bookkeepers are a 100% claimable expense for your operation – in both Canada and the United States; bookkeepers are fully expensible to their operation, whether they are contracted out to perform bookkeeping duties, or if they are on the payroll of your company.

Bookkeepers will give you “peace of mind” to your operation – bookkeepers are beneficial on many fronts. Having a bookkeeper means one less “headache” to manage in your operation, one less “ball to juggle” in your operation, you can now focus on your trade rather than on the bookkeeping, less stress, less stress, LESS STRESS! Hmmm….. greater opportunity to make more money.

Bookkeepers will help you keep organized from a paperwork standpoint – good bookkeepers will organize your paperwork and tell you what they will need from you. They will inform you of when remittances to the various government bodies become due, fill out those remittances, either by doing it the old-fashioned way using paper or filing it online, and take the payment to the government on your behalf wherever possible and convenient. Seianna Financial Services has this as part of our service guarantee.

Bookkeepers will keep your books up-to-date – good bookkeepers are your “friendly pest”. They will constantly keep in touch with you, requesting government documents, statements, sales and expenses to enter into the accounting system. This way your bookkeeping chores do not fall behind, like it does in so many cases where you choose to do the bookkeeping yourself.

Seianna Financial Services is “Serious About Your Business”. Go to our bookkeeping page and check out our prices and our service guarantee. We can do bookkeeping for clients in every province and territory except Quebec.

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