Why Need A Bookkeeper (Part 1)

Why Need A Bookkeeper (Part 1)

For many small businesses, this is a daunting question, especially when starting a brand new business, and especially if one has never been in business before. There are so many responsibilities: purchasing stock, buying equipment, hiring staff, signing leases, getting advertising in place, setting up shop and getting organized. In many cases, the last thing you want to look at is all the paperwork and entering the information into an accounting system.

Bookkeepers have been around for centuries, and they provide a valuable service to their clients. In this first of a two part series, we will cover off what bookkeepers can do for their clients:

Bookkeepers are dedicated to their trade – good bookkeepers are always learning. They keep up on the latest changes in tax codes, rules and regulations. Bookkeepers look for any updates by both the federal and state (U.S.)/provincial (Canada) bodies where changes may affect the way our job is performed.

Bookkeepers have an “eye” for detail – good bookkeepers know exactly what to look for in getting the best allowable claims and expenses for their clients. They know what you would or would not be allowed to claim. They know if a particular claim has to be pro-rated, amortized, or even deferred until a later time. They want to best represent their clients too, to “audit-proof” your business when the CRA or IRS decide to knock on your door and take a good look at your books for your business. It’s not a matter of “if” they knock on your door anymore; it’s more a matter of “when”. Bookkeepers help keep you best prepared.

Seianna Financial Services is “Serious About Your Business”. Go to our bookkeeping page and check out our prices and our service guarantee. We can do bookkeeping for clients in every province and territory except Quebec.

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