Teaching People to “Live Inside Your Means”

Teaching People to “Live Inside Your Means”

Seianna Financial Services is committed to helping its readers to have opportunities to get better when it comes to controlling their personal finances.

In 2006, we introduced the $75 challenge, a sit-down, four-month, four-session exercise in tailoring people’s income and expenses so that they were able to stop the financial bleeding and start living inside their means. It was a successful, local venture, but it had its drawbacks:

• Being local, I could only help a limited amount of people, and I knew that in today’s electronic world we can help more people simultaneously than ever before

• Our tools were limited to the time spent together, there was no follow-up

In retrospect, I decided to form an amazing team and together, we formed Budget Coach

www.liveinsideyourmeans.com to help the reader to “Live Inside Your Means” on a continuous basis.

Budget Coach is a branch of Seianna Financial Services and we are proud to provide you with such a service. Start “living inside your means”. Use the website – much of it is free but having a membership will give you so much more. Join today!

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